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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Facebook Messenger App for Android Phone Users

Facebook, the leader in social networking service have launched a new messenger app for android phones and the advantage of this app is that non account members of facebook can also send and recieve messages to and fro from anyone with a phone number. Users can just sign in with their phone no and name and can send messages to their phone contacts. First it has been launched in India, Australia, Indonesia, Venezuela and South Africa, with other countries shortly after, it added.

Facebook for this service has partnered with all major device manufacturers and their main goal is to make their users connect to all of their phone contacts.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Transactions in Database

Transactions group a set of tasks into a single execution unit. Each transaction begins with a specific task and ends when all the tasks in the group successfully complete. If any of the tasks fails, the transaction fails. Therefore, a transaction has only two results: success or failure. Incomplete steps result in the failure of the transaction.

Users can group two or more Transact-SQL statements into a single transaction using the following statements:

•    Begin Transaction
•    Rollback Transaction
•    Commit Transaction

If anything goes wrong with any of the grouped statements, all changes need to be aborted. The process of reversing changes is called rollback in SQL Server terminology. If everything is in order with all statements within a single transaction, all changes are recorded together in the database. In SQL Server terminology, we say that these changes are committed to the database.

Error Handling

The @@ERROR automatic variable is used to implement error handling code. It contains the error ID produced by the last SQL statement executed during a clients connection. When a statement executes successfully, @@ERROR contains 0. To determine if a statement executes successfully, an IF statement is used to check the value of @@ERROR immediately after the target statement executes. It is imperative that @@ERROR be checked immediately after the target statement, because its value is reset to 0 when the next statement executes successfully. If a trappable error occurs, @@ERROR will have a value greater than 0. SQL Server resets the @@ERROR value after every successful command, so you must immediately capture the @@ERROR value. Most of the time, you'll want to test for changes in @@ERROR right after any INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.



It’s used to safe your data during error occurs.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Tips to Prevent Your Email from Hacking

We can proudly say that we live in a world that has developed scientifically and technically in all aspects, but are you sure that these developments are safe and secure. A survey says that more than billions of users are using internet worldwide and email has become one of the important communication tool and here goes one of the beautiful quotes by Tipper Gore “We use tools such as email, not just as a way to keep in daily touch with family members who live in other cities, but also as a way to keep in touch with staff and members of the public.”

Email, the most necessary tool for communication is threatened by a technological threat called hacking. Hacking of email have become so common nowadays and hope these few tips helps you to prevent your email account from hacking.

 • Change your password at regular intervals and always choose a password that cannot be easily guessed by using combinations of upper case, lower case along with numbers and symbols. (but do remember your passwords)
•  Don’t ever give your email id’s to all websites you browse 
•  Beware of what you access and of what is being shared over the network. These public connections can allow others to access your information without you even being aware it is happening. 
•  Always check your email settings such that any of the settings you made were not changed 
• Have an anti-virus software on your computer such that it helps you to recognize any unusual activity
 • Use a browser that has phishing filters and check for filters in your email account if you use Gmail account.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cursor in Database


A cursor is a database object that helps in accessing and manipulating data in a given result set. The main advantage of cursors is that you can process data row-by-row.

A result set is defined as a collection of rows obtained from a SELECT statement that meet the criteria specified in the WHERE clause.

Cursors, Serve as a mechanism for applications to operate on a single row or a set of rows.

Cursors enable the processing of rows in the given result set in the following ways:

1) Allow specific rows to be retrieved from the result set.
2) Allow the current row in the result set to be modified.
3) Help navigate from the current row in the result set to a different row.
4) Allow data modified by other users to be visible in the result set.

Structure of Cursors:

The following tasks need to be performed while using a cursor in SQL Server:

1) The cursor needs to be defined and its attributes need to be set.
2) The cursor needs to be opened.
3) The required rows need to be fetched from the cursor. Fetch refers to the process of retrieving a row from the result set.
4) The data in the current row of the cursor can be modified, if required.
5) The cursor needs to be closed.
6) The cursor should be deallocated.

This is a good practice as resources used by the cursor are released.



 Cursor is used to read a record on row by row basis, so that above cursor stored procedure shows only one record at a time.

 So we apply the “while” condition and get all the records row by row.



(I)    It is returned by only one row at a time. So it gives less performance.
(II)    If the result set are less than 50 or 100 records it is better to go for cursors.

Guidelines for Writing Official Emails

Communication in any form should be simple and effective and with growing number of doing business transactions online, emails have become one of the necessary tool that have become so essential in any business. While sending official emails, make sure that it follows their respective guidelines because official emails are the one that going to represent us. Here are few guidelines to be followed while writing official emails. 

  • Verdana is the appropriate font and its size should occur between 9.5 - 10  

  • It should have the structure such as situation, action items, information and conclusion

  • Use black or blue color for writing and for highlighting purpose, make the word bold and avoid using red color since it signifies danger

  • Follow the appropriate greetings such as Hi for americans, Hello for Europeans and Dear for Asians

  • To be more formal we could use Dear Mr. /Ms. followed by Last name or Full name. We should not use Dear Mr. /Ms. followed by First name alone. 

  • We should not put '/' in greetings like Hi X/Y. Instead we should say Hi X and Y.

  • We should not use 'Thanks and Regards'. Instead we should say:
    Thank you

  • Do not use can for requesting something and you can use could instead

  • Avoid writing please find the attached file since the reciever should not find or search for the mail because it is already  there so write 'The file has been attached for your reference'.

  • Avoid sentences like as per your mail since per is used for weights such as kg etc. You can use according to your mail

  • Please revert is the appropriate word for writing please revert back